September 28, 2012

Lauren Conrad & Flemington Flowers Market

Last week I went to Kinokuniya down at the Galleries Victoria,
and just sat there reading Lauren Conrad's Style
I felt like if there is one book that is worth buying by all of the reality stars turn fashion mogul,
this is it.
The Cover of the Book

It has styling tips for your hair, nails, and makeup.
And one of the thing she says in the book is to always alter your jeans.
This is surprising, cause this is exactly what I always do.
I find that trying to find the perfect pair of jeans is harder than passing an actuarial exam. (true story)
So I always, alter the length and the "skininess" of the jeans' legs.
It always makes it look more tailored and fit better afterwards.

Anyway, it features a list of things every person has to have in their closet.
Hers include the perfect LBD, a maxi dress, a blazer and so on.
Looking at this list, I feel like I ticked most of the items BUT a white shirt.
That being said, I'm on a hunt to find the perfect white shirt. *sigh*
Probably will be harder than finding the perfect jeans.

I mean seriously, she is THE perfect fashion role model for me.
Down to the way she french-braid her fringe, and how she has the perfect cat-eye.
She ventured to the ombre hair trend earlier this year,
dipping her ponytail into pink hair dye,

She said on her site that she began by dipping in the last 20 cm end to a light pink dye, and then repeating the process for every 5 cm using a darker pink shade every time.

And her *normal* ombre hair is so pretty. 
See how the end of her hair seamlessly blends in with the darker shade of her roots.
Seriously, I can't see the ombre hair trend dying any time soon. 

So yeah anyway, I'm thinking of buying this book.
And this post is the proof of my undying girl-crush to Lauren Conrad.
And, her next book Beauty by Lauren Conrad, is coming up soon and I can't wait for that to come out!!

p.s. I went to the flower market down at Flemington last Saturday.
Look what I made! and it only cost me $13 :)


  1. haha i love this book too. she has a beauty book coming out. can't wait for that :D

  2. Yep yep! Coming out 2nd week on October!! So exciteddd :D